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Agile Virtual Care for your Business

Explore the Benefits of Telehealth Physical Therapy Services for Employees

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Agile Virtual Care for your Business

Agile Virtual Care was created to help manage musculoskeletal injuries and improve the overall health and wellness of patients across the country. For providers and employers looking to offer employees benefit options for preventative and continual care, including alternatives to receiving care in a clinic setting, virtual physical therapy delivers the comfort and convenience that patients want and the quality care they deserve from experienced licensed therapists.

Agile Virtual Care is the largest national network for direct-access physical therapy care. When you partner with Agile Virtual Care, you get access to our network of 400+ licensed therapists and trainers.

Why Providers Choose Agile Virtual Care

World-class patient care and proven outcomes for musculoskeletal issues from a network of experienced clinicians.

Why Patients Choose Agile Virtual Care

Patients chose Agile because of our proven effectiveness, individualized plans, affordability, and convenient and quality care.

How We’re Helping Reduce Overall Healthcare Costs

Agile Virtual Care understands healthcare delivery must incorporate technology to enhance the user experience, patient demands, and, importantly, reduce overall costs for both the provider and patient. There is growing recognition that a treatment approach beginning with early physical therapy not only reduces short and longer term healthcare costs, but often decreases pain, improves function, and helps patients return to work.

Cost Reduction Benefits

  • Proven pain reduction resulting in less reliance on opioids for MSK pain Proven results
  • Savings from avoided surgeries and unnecessary care visits Cost savings
  • Savings from overly priced testing and procedures Cost savings

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