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        • Experience a premium, convenient virtual physical therapy experience with proven results.

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        • Agile provides access to experienced, licensed PTs that provide customized care for your situation.

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        • Learn about our large network of licensed PTs and commitment to patient care.

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        • Read the latest about virtual PT.

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        • Common Conditions
        • Our most common conditions are Low Back Pain, Knee Pain, Shoulder Pain, Ankle, Wrist, and Hip Pain.

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        • Our licensed clinicians offer customized treatments for Oncology, Medical Weight Loss, Vestibular, Eldery Care, and more.

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        • Women’s Health
        • Incorporate PT into your routine to improve functionality and overall physical health.

        • COVID Recovery
        • We provide a dedicated treatment program to positive COVID-19 patients.

        • Weekend Warriors
        • Don’t let a nagging sprain or injury take away time from your favorite activities.

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        • Maintain your connection to a PT and get access to home exercises.

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        • Explore the benefits of telehealth PT for employees.

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        • Agile integrates with organizations to deliver a premium, convenient virtual physical therapy experience.


Weekend Warriors

Treating Weekend Warriors with Virtual Physical Therapy

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Weekend Warriors and Virtual PT

No matter how you like to get after it on the weekends, or week days, physical therapy can benefit your lifestyle. If you're sore from lifting weights, trail running, or even from being hunched over a computer, physical therapy can help! We schedule check-ups with our doctors and regular cleanings with our dentists. So why don't we place equal value on maintaining our physical well-being through physical therapy?

Don't let a nagging sprain or injury take away time from your favorite activities. Schedule a Free Screening with one of our licensed PTs to experience the benefits.

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What We Treat

• Back pain
• Shoulder pain
• Foot and ankle pain
• Carpal tunnel
• Finger pain
• Ergonomics
• Rheumatoid arthritis

How We Treat

Virtual physical therapy will address common pain points experienced by active adults. Our licensed, educated physical therapists will listen to you and form a customized treatment plan to treat whatever is preventing you from enjoying your favorite activities free from pain.

Schedule a Free Screening

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More Information

The Advantages of Telehealth PT for Athletes

Telehealth physical therapy is a popular option for patients to engage with a physical therapist as the world continues to adapt to challenges brought about by COVID-19. The advantages of telehealth PT extend to athletes as well. And while the world slowly begins to open up, and clinics begin booking more in-person appointments, there are […]

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How to Avoid Winter Sports Injuries

Participating in winter sports is a great way to stay active during cold, grey months. Skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey, and cross-country skiing are great ways to get your heart rate up and get outside, so long as you exercise caution and common sense. Make sure to prepare your body for any strenuous winter activity to […]

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Virtual therapy can help you learn how to prevent injury while cycling

Many of us have spent time doing more physical activity during the COVID pandemic, and cycling is one of the activities that many people have chosen, with good reason.  Cycling can help boost your cardiovascular health, and it places less stress on your joints than other options like running. It’s also been reported that cycling […]

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